Should I use Sativa or Indica Strains for Pain Relief?



When it comes to the subject of which strain of Cannabis to use for pain relief you can get a lot of different answers. The argument shouldn’t be centered around which one is best but rather which one has the proper “terpenes” for pain relief. The argument is confusing and in this post I will show you which strains have worked best for me, as the primary reason I use cannabis is for my back and joint pain.

Sativa vs Indica What is the Difference?

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This is one of those discussions we could have until the cows come home but that doesn’t change the fact that different cannabis strains will have different effects.

Indica strains are found in cooler climates and in mountain regions such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and others. These plants tend to grow short and bushy and their life cycle is short which makes them ideal for indoor growing.

Indica plants are also heavier in CBD production which results in better pain relief. The effects of the indica plant tend to be more sedating and is better at relieving muscle spasms, acute pain, insomnia and anxiety than Sativas. The indica strain is usually the one associated with “couch lock” which means it locks you to your couch or chair after the effects are felt.


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Indica strains (or indica dominant hybrids) have proven to be the better strain for me and my back pain. Later in this post I will name a few that have worked very well so that you can search for them in your area. Now we move onto the Sativa strain, the one I call the “stress buster”!

Sativa strains grow tall and thin and require more light to grow properly vs the indica strains. They’re found in the southern parts of the hemisphere like Columbia, Panama, California, and other places with warmer climates. They take longer to develop and complete their life cycles which makes them harder to grow indoors.

The effects of the satvia plant are what I call a “stress buster” because that’s what it does, it is more of a head high effect that puts a smile on your face in place of the anxiety or stress you feel. Some sativa strains are also conducive to creativity as your mind relaxes and opens up to possibilities your stress may have been blocking out. Artists and musicians swear by that aspect of the plant.

As for pain relief, I have found that a straight sativa strain doesn’t work as well. Some hybrids are good for pain but they need to be indica dominant. I find that taking a sativa capsule affects my mood more than it affects my pain. It may make you not care about your pain for a while but it doesn’t appear to address the inflammation and muscle spasms nearly as well as the indica strains do.

Which Indica or Sativa Strains Are Best For Chronic Pain?

This will have two parts. The first will be the strains I recommend and the second will be what others have found works for them. Remember I’m not a doctor so please consult with yours before beginning any regimen.

My favorite strains for chronic pain relief are as follows:

  • Afgho – This strain while it does have some sativa in it is an indica dominant hybrid and one of the best for pain and muscle spasms. It will also put you to sleep so be prepared for that.
  • The Black – This strain is 90% indica dominant and has strong pain relief and anti-insomnia qualities! It is also great for stimulating appetite so watch out for the munchies!
  • Fire OG – This strain is another indica dominant plant that is excellent for pain relief in both the edible form and when you smoke it! Smoking a bowl of this stuff will give you immediate relief and will tide you over until the edibles start to work.

Some Sativa strains appear to have worked for others so I can’t say that all of them don’t work. You can go to this article from leafly and see some other strains that actual patients recommend. Keep in mind that everyone is different so you may respond better to one strain than I do or that a friend does. Here is the link: Best Strains For Pain by Leafly.

Cannabis is the Best Answer Nature Has For Chronic Pain!

While opioids have their place in the medical world for surgical or severe pain (like you broke a leg) but in my experience, cannabis is the best solution for pain relief.

I have replaced trips to the doctor with trips to the dispensary instead. When my back goes out hard (which happens several times per year) all I have to do is increase the dosage or the type of edible I’m consuming. Never again will I have to run to the doctor for opioids or muscle relaxers. I also don’t use near as much over the counter medicine like Tylenol or ibuprofen any longer.

Cannabis has proven to be a miracle plant not only for me but for people I know personally. I have a brother-in-law, a best friend and other acquaintances who have used this plant to cure everything from cancer, chronic pain, asthma and heart problems. I continue to be amazed at how versatile and wide spectrum cannabis really is and I look forward to discovering more in the future!

For chronic pain cannabis just can’t be beaten. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this subject. Do you use cannabis to relieve your chronic pain? If so what strains do you use? What edibles do you prefer and why? We are always looking for more feedback and this is a community (or at least that is how I see it) and we are always stronger together and when we share ideas! You may just help someone else discover how wonderful this plant really is!

To your Health!

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