Items You Will Need to Make Your Own Pain Relief Medicine

In today’s post we will discuss what you will need in order to make your own chronic pain medication. The process isn’t hard but it is time-consuming. To free up your time I’ve come up with some essentials that I use for my medicine and now I will pass those onto you!

Coconut Oil For Infusion Here

I prefer coconut oil for making my medicine with cannabis. The reason for this is simple, it works best at absorbing the THC/CBD from the cannabis. Coconut oil is super high in fat and that makes it ideal for absorbing the active ingredients let loose by your cannabis during the decarboxylation process.

Of course, there are other health benefits of using coconut oil! It contains essential fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids among other things. It also can help with skin conditions and your teeth and gums (via oil pulling, more info here).

Coconut oil can also be used in place of butter for most recipes so it covers those who are sensitive to dairy products as most of us are these days. This is what finally sold me on coconut oil, it’s versatility! I have found that this coconut oil works great!  That oil can be found here

Capsules and Capsule Makers

If you want to measure your doses accurately each day then you will need a capsule maker and of course capsules. These can be found pretty cheap online or you can find it at your local health food store. I like using veggie capsules in the 00 size. I buy mine here.

The capsule maker is also important. I use this one “Size 00” Capsule Holding Tray by Capsuline – 50 Count myself and it works great! You can make 50 capsules at a time and it’s not hard, just time-consuming and a little boring. I usually put on some good music and take breaks in between sessions to break up the boredom.

Once you’ve gone through the process a few times it will become easier and easier and soon you will be making your own coconut oil capsules! It is a rewarding process and you will love your results!

Crock-pots, Butter Machines, and Cheesecloth

You will also need these items to make your cannabis pain relief medicine. I normally use a herbal infuser machine for my infusions, but you can use a crock pot if need be and it works just fine. It’s just a little more work as you have to do your own stirring (about every 15 minutes) and it takes longer but it works. First, let’s cover crock pots.

The big thing to remember when choosing a crock pot for infusion is to make sure it has a low setting. If yours does then you’re golden and ready to go! If it doesn’t you’ll need to find one as cooking at too high of a temperature will ruin your cannabis and it won’t work! So here LOW is the way to go! Here is a Crock-Pot with Low Temp you can get if you don’t have one!

Butter machines or herbal infusers are super handy and easy to use. It does require you to make at least a 2 cup batch so be ready with at least one oz of cannabis! Mine has 3 different settings but I can infuse a batch of oil in about 45 minutes and I don’t have to stir a thing! You can get one Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser with Measure Master Spoons and Official Cookbook” target=”_blank”>here if you want to go this route. I absolutely LOVE mine and I would be without one. The main reason I love it is that I can set it and forget it. You can soak your cannabis in the oil for 45 minutes, 90 minutes or 3 hours. It’s up to you but I have tested them all and have found that soaking it for longer periods doesn’t add potency.

Cheesecloth is needed in order to finely strain out the cannabis from your finished product. You’ll also need a rubber band to keep the cloth in place while straining. This will filter out cannabis even after it’s been ground up. I usually filter the big stuff with a fine mesh strainer first then use the cheesecloth as a second filter. This makes it as clean as possible and makes your capsules clean of plant material. If the medicine is just for you then it’s not a big deal but I like mine clean!

A Few Other Items You’ll Need

We’ve covered quite a bit of ground in a short post! A few other items I like to have on hand for making my cannabis pain relief medicine are as follows.

I use 10ml no needle plastic syringes to fill up my capsules. These are absolutely necessary in order to fill up your capsules. You can find the brand I buy here on amazon. They will start plugging up after 40-50 capsules so keep that in mind when you make your plan. I usually make 150-200 at capsules at a time so I make sure to lay out 4 of them so they’re handy and ready to go.

Another item I use is a nice ladle to get it from the crock pot to the strainer. It saves a lot of mess clean up and makes straining easier. Believe me when I say that I learned this little trick the hard way! I cleaned up quite the mess a time or two and coconut oil is hard to get off!

Speaking of getting oil off things like your hands I use Dawn dish soap. It really does take grease out of your way and it breaks up the oil very well. Use this when you’re cleaning your utensils and other processing items.


To sum up this post let’s look at what we learned.

  • Coconut oil works best for absorbing the THC/CBD out of your Cannabis.
  • You can use a crock-pot or a Herbal Infuser for making your medicine.
  • Cooking at low temp is essential!
  • Items you will need to finish your medicine

In the end making your own medicine is very rewarding. Here is a picture of my finished product.

You’ll not only save money (my capsules cost about .25 cents each compared to $1.00 each at the store) you’ll also know for certain how it was made and what is in it!

Once your oil is made have fun and experiment! Make some cookies or the old standby weed brownie but the most important thing is to have FUN while you do it! Get pain free with coconut cannabis oil!






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