Decarboxylation, The Key to Making Your Cannabis Edibles Work


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In today’s post we will discuss how to decarboxylate your cannabis flower, trim or both using a couple of different methods. Decarboxylation is the process of heating up or baking the cannabis to activate the main ingredients of THC and CBD. This is the most important part of the making edibles process as without it the main ingredients will not work. There are several ways to accomplish this but in this post we will cover two of the most popular, the oven and using our new Nova Decarboxalator made by Ardent.

What is Debarboxylation and Why is it Needed?

I had never heard of this term until about 2 years ago. What I found was that by decarboxylizing cannabis you are activating it by eliminating a carbon atom from the chain of atoms. In the case of cannabis you are converting the ingredient THCA to THC eliminating the “A” by heating the cannabis to a certain temperature for a set length of time. If this isn’t done prior to putting into oil or edibles you won’t be getting the proper medicine. This is by far the most important process in making cannabis edibles for pain relief. If it gets heated at too high of a temperature or for too long you will lose the critical components of the cannabis and your medicine was wasted.

How Do I Decarboxylize My Cannabis Correctly?

This question was not an easy one to answer until recently. There are several ways of decarbing your cannabis and I will share two methods I’ve used with success here.

The first is the oven or toaster oven method. In this method you will need a few items. Those are as follows.

Baking Sheet: This can be a cookie sheet but big enough to hold a turkey, you’ll see why soon.

Turkey cooking bags: These are important because if you don’t use them your house or shop will smell like a weed farm for about 4-6 hours. It also keeps things nice and neat without any spilling or material loss.

Coffee Grinder: (optional)

Cannabis material, trim, flower or both
Access to an oven or a toaster oven

First take your cannabis and do some grinding by hand and put it into the oven bag (use disposable gloves it’s sticky!). Make sure to spread it out on the pan (in the bag of course) as evenly as possible. Then seal the bag with the ties in the box. Once you have it sealed it’s ready for the oven.

Preheat your oven or toaster oven to 310 F. This is where you will get 20 different answers from 20 different people. I have been using this temp and time for two years with great results and I let that speak for itself. Once it’s heated to 310 double check it using a meat thermometer. If the temperature is accurate within a few degrees then put the pan in the oven for 10 minutes. Do NOT go over this time or temperature because you could kill off the THC and CBD. Once the timer goes off take the pan out of the oven and let it cool for 10 minutes (be careful not to let the bag touch the sides or it will pop open and your house will smell). Now your cannabis has been decarboxylized and is ready for use!

The New and Improved Decarboxylation Method Using the Nova Decarboxylator


The Nova

This new machine has changed my life and as such, it can change yours as well! While it may take longer to get done this machine uses “smart” technology to detect how much cannabis you put in and how long it should bake. Baking time varies depending on how much cannabis you put into it. The beauty of this machine is that it’s set and forget, literally! There is no minimum amount to use but in order to make edibles, I wouldn’t start with any less than 3.5 grams of cannabis. The Nova holds up to 14 grams (or a half oz) at a time so if you’re making a large batch of edibles you may have to use two or more cycles to get it done. The big advantage here is that you don’t have to worry or wonder if your temp or time is off.

It’s really that simple, just put your cannabis material in the container, shut the lid, lock it and turn it on. It seals pretty well so you won’t have any more odor than you would from the oven/bag method. It only smells once you open it so if anyone in your home doesn’t like it (like my wife) then open it outside or in the garage, etc. I usually put my decarboxylized material in a Ziploc and set it aside until I’m ready to use it.

In short, you can’t go wrong with one of these machines! You will get a perfect decarboxylation every time when you use one of these and according to the companies research, you will increase your yield by up to 50% vs the oven methods! You can get one by going here:…

To Sum it All Up

To sum this all up for you decarboxylation is the most important part of making edibles from cannabis for pain, inflammation, cancer treatments and more. This process has been the subject of much debate in the cannabis community and while big operators have all the expensive commercial equipment, you can do the same thing for yourself for half the cost.

The most important things to remember are

  • Decarboxylation is the most important part of making edibles
  • If you use the oven use 310 F for 10 minutes
  • Use the Nova decarbolyzation machine for precise time and temp

Thank you again for stopping by and checking us out! We will keep updating you on the latest tips and techniques on making your own edibles for chronic pain! Once again if you want your very own Nova decarboxylation machine you can order your own right here!…
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