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Welcome to Cannabis for Chronic Pain. Here you will discover different methods of using cannabis for your chronic pain to include edibles, vapes, oils and more. I will also cover items you can purchase that will make the processing easier and your medicine more concentrated and effective.

Here’s a Little Story About Me…

My name is John Sandstrom (nickname Johnny Storm) and I’m originally from Fargo, ND. Growing up in a mid size Midwestern city had its advantages. It was relatively free from crime and I had what one would call a middle class existence. It wasn’t “Leave it to Beaver” perfect but it was a good place to grow up.

After high school I went into the US Air Force and became a SP or Security Policeman. I spent several years overseas and all over the United States during my five-year enlistment. After being discharged I wanted to go back to school for broadcasting so I went to a radio broadcasting school and graduated in 3 months. I then went on to work at several AM-FM radio stations before realizing that small town radio wasn’t going to pay the bills.

In 1994 I went into car sales and did well enough with it to keep my bills paid and keep some money in my pocket. Some months I excelled and some months I fell flat but overall it was a great way for me to make a living. It also ended up showing me what I didn’t want any longer and that was long hours and a lot of stress. After 18 years of that I moved on but before I did I fell down a flight of stairs and landed shoulder first. That surgery and the rehab that followed are another reason I started this research and this blog/site. More on that later.

In 2012 the surgery I had finally forced me out of the car business. I needed several weeks off for recovery and they didn’t want to accommodate so they let me go. It was hard on me at the time but now I see where I was being led out of the car business and into something new and suited to my talents.

Why I’m Passionate About Educating Others…

During my lifetime I’ve had about 4 major surgeries to repair things I’ve torn or broken. Right now my back needs work but the surgeons can’t give me a prognosis above 50-50. I also have a rotator cuff that should be worked on but for now that’s not in the cards. So as a result of all of this I have chronic pain with my back sometimes putting me down for days!

What was the solution? I had all this pain but opioids weren’t the answer long term and it only addressed symptoms while silently destroying my liver. At the time Cannabis wasn’t legal in my state medically or otherwise. I also didn’t know about the differences between edibles and smoking the flower of the plant. That is one big reason I’m here and writing, broadcasting and sharing. The average person doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to using this miracle plant God placed here to use for medicine.

I started this journey only knowing that cannabis gets you high and it can be fun but I didn’t know about all the different healing properties and how they work. There are a lot of different ailments cannabis can treat but for this site we will focus on the chronic pain issues. I will teach you the differences between edibles, which ones to use when and how to make your own at home to save you money. I will help guide you because I had no guidance and I had some expensive errors and little understanding on what works best and why.

I will do my best to add value to your visits here every time with my personal experiences as well as articles from other sources that will help you decide which treatment best suits your particular condition. Remember I’m not a doctor nor do I hold any other degrees that would “qualify” me to diagnose or treat your condition. All I can do is present you with the most relevant information as it relates to cannabis and chronic pain. I will also let you know what works and what doesn’t work for ME, but keep in mind that everyone reacts differently and you should always consult with your personal care giver on diagnoses and treatments.

I would enocourage you to leave your questions and comments as well!  If I can answer them I will or someone else in the community might be able to help!  Remember the goal is to get you feeling better and I’m always here to help! 

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